Ron Abarbanel

I have been a chaplain since 1992 serving people from many different professions, backgrounds, and family situations. I spent 14 of those years deeply involved in international development. I founded a project in Sub-Saharan Africa and then later went on to co-found Venture 2 Impact where I ran projects in India, Romania, Rwanda, and Indonesia. I helped volunteers from Salesforce, Apple, Netflix, Microsoft, IBM, and other companies to use their skills to benefit the disabled, people living in material poverty, people experiencing the effects of war, and children/young adults who had been abandoned.

My personal struggle to make sense of life and faith has pushed me to grapple with big questions and practices in my growth journey that can serve almost anyone. I am empathetic and sensitive to how life can push people towards depression, anxiety, and addictions, and can help develop understanding and practices that will help over time. My first love is in journeying with people who deeply desire a life of meaning and purpose and relational harmony, but who struggle to find it or maintain it.

My wife Marsha and I have raised 5 children and have a first-hand understanding of the demands of family and the struggles of marriage. We have mentored numerous couples both before and after marriage.

Ron is incredibly wise, insightful, and kind. Every session he leads is engaging and thought-provoking. He blends personal stories and humour in a way that makes him very relatable. This, combined with his breadth of experiences and knowledge, means you leave every interaction with him feeling enriched.

Allyson Yee
Grad Student, Masters in Social Work

My Services


One to One Spiritual Mentoring
  • Listening and Question Asking
  • Guided Learning and Exercises
  • Guided Reflections
  • Regular Debriefing and Prayer


Conferences, Church, Universities/Colleges
  • Identity, Story, and Connection
  • The Spiritual Life (many topics)
  • Poverty, Volunteer Service, Happiness
  • The Meaningful Life (many topics)


Small Groups - Limited Sessions
  • Same Topics as Public Speaking
  • Small Group Material
  • Discussion Facilitations
  • Online or In Person