Understanding Addiction

Do you, or someone you know, struggle with an addiction? Are you looking for answers or help? In this brief introduction to addiction, you will learn to demystify the key attributes that make addictions what they are and explain why they can have such a strong hold on us and on others. This understanding will help you build a pathway towards hope and healing.
· December 31, 2020
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About The Author:

Ron Abarbanel knows first-hand what it is like to struggle with addiction. Feeling powerless, ashamed, and becoming severely depressed were just some factors that pushed him to learn. While there have been no easy solutions, the journey into understanding them led to helpful discoveries that everyone should know about.

In this short resource, he captures some of the most important learnings that helped him heal and grow. 

Ways to enjoy this reflection

On Your Own or In a Group

This reflection was designed to be done on your own or in a group. Sometimes becoming familiar with a topic is the first step we need to take before we can feel comfortable talking about it with others. With this subject matter, there are definite benefits to hearing from others and sharing our own stories provided the people or environments are safe and allow us to explore and learn. If you do this resource in a group, for the best experience possible, be sure to have a facilitator who is insightful, gentle, and who has some first-hand understanding of the material.

with a director

You can opt to do this resource with a trained director. If you choose to do this individually with a director, the benefit is that you get one on one time to debrief some of the hard things addictions bring up or trigger for you specifically. If you choose the group option, our skilled director will help draw out important stories and connections for everyone in the group that will lead to greater and more diverse learnings.

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