The Will Of God

Many people who follow God want to know what God wants of them. While this desire is fundamentally good, our obsession with it can also become detrimental. This short biblical study lays the groundwork for understanding what it means to do the will of God, why God doesn't often tell us exactly what to do in given situations, and what it means when he does. If you are seeking God for something specific, this will help you gain clarity and avoid some of the traps.
· January 19, 2021
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About The Author:

Ron Abarbanel has been a chaplain since 1992. Having grown up in a Jewish home, he inherited the notion that one had to live up to God’s standards or else. With this came a deep desire to know God’s will and a longing for God’s clear direction. While this desire was good in many ways it also had some downsides which he later discovered. His journey led him to start looking at where the notions of calling and God’s will originated and taking a closer look at the biblical meaning. In the end, significant and helpful discoveries were made that can be applied to anyone’s life.

Ways to enjoy this study

On Your Own

This study can be done on your own and used to trigger personal reflection about how you relate to God and your desire to know His will.

Self Guided in a group

This study can also be done with a group of friends who have similar questions about the will of God. Included in the resource there are several group discussions that can be enjoyed and simply require that someone facilitate the discussion.

With a Spiritual Director

If knowing the will of God is causes you any level of distress, consider doing this resource with the help of a spiritual director. The benefit is that you get one on one time to debrief some of the hard emotions that can arise or exist around this topic.  Our skilled directors will listen, ask questions, and help you grow deeper in your understanding and relationship with Christ.

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