The Holy Spirit

Do you long for the Holy Spirit in your life? Do you wonder whether the Holy Spirit is present in you? You are not alone. This guide helps establish a deep understanding of the Holy Spirit that can help transform your encounters with him. It will help you see, very practically, how the Holy Spirit moves through you into others as you participate with him. If the Holy Spirit seems nebulous to you, this is definitely for you!
· February 5, 2021
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About The Author:

Ron Abarbanel has been a chaplain since 1992. Having grown up in a Jewish home, the concept of the Holy Spirit was elusive to him. As he came into contact with people who believed in Christ and each had different ideas about the Holy Spirit and what one must do to have the Holy Spirit in their life. Underlying confusion also existed because he doubted whether the Spirit was in him at all because he struggled to change and be a better person.

Once he believed in Christ, he started to experience what can only be described as evil visions, and they terrified him. For a long time, he thought he was possessed. But through these experiences, he started to learn more about God and the Holy Spirit and found in the Scriptures stories that affirmed his growing understanding and experience, which he elucidates in this resource.

Ways to enjoy this study

On Your Own (Least recommended)

This study was designed to be done in groups. While there is a lot to benefit from on your own, listening to different perspectives and experiences adds a tremendous amount to this particular journey. It is also helpful to share your experiences and glean insights from others about them in order to help you discern what you might have trouble seeing yourself.

Self Guided in a group

If you do this study in a group of your own friends and acquaintances, we recommend selecting the most skilled facilitator you can find. Some people bring deep fears and concerns to this topic and will need gentle and empathetic guidance.

Skilled Guide in a group

This study can be done with one of our trained facilitators or the study author. If you would like to get the most out of it and grapple with many of the implications to your own life, this is the way to go. The study in this format would unfold over 3 weeks with 2 hours of group discussion time each week. The cost, which includes the study is $75 per participant.

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