Most people tend to think that poverty is primarily a lack of material resources. This short primer opens up a wider view of poverty from research done all over the world.
· December 31, 2020
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About The Content Creator:

Ron Abarbanel has worked in international development for 14 years in Uganda, Romania, Rwanda, India, Ecuador, and Nepal and co-founded an organization that connects skilled volunteers with global projects. He has learned first hand how varied poverty can be and how lasting solutions are often very hard to develop. He pulled together this primer from various sources to help people understand the complexities of poverty and to become sensitized to poverty in their own lives.

Ways to enjoy this Resource

On Your Own (Least recommended)

This resource was developed primarily for teams who were about to begin work on development projects. If you choose to do it on your own, it is highly recommended that you do it while you are actively involved in a poverty alleviation effort (either locally or abroad). This way it will allow you to ask meaningful questions of the people who serve on the ground and whose lives are immeshed in the communities. It will also enable you to ask meaningful questions of people in the very communities you wish to serve.

Self Guided in a team

This resource is best done in a team setting of people actively involved in on-the-ground development work. If you can get a facilitator who is experienced in poverty alleviation to help guide the discussion, you are more likely to get a lot more out of this resource and learn about the practical issues related to your specific project.


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Resource Includes

  • 6 Chapters