Who are you? Would you like to find out? Identity is often an invisible force in our lives. We can be unaware of where it comes from or how deeply it affects us. But this doesn't need to be the case. With just a little bit of understanding, you can quickly uncover helpful insights about how you perceive yourself, why you behave the way you do, and why you bristle at suggestions that you might be something you don't want to be. Allow this resource to guide you on a journey of understanding and self-discovery. There are lots of practical exercises that will both enable you to discover things about yourself that are hidden and see a path forward for manageable change that yields huge dividends.
· December 31, 2020
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About The Author:

Ron Abarbanel grew up as a child to immigrant Jewish parents in French-speaking rural Quebec in the late 60’s. Due to language, race, and religion, he was bullied by students and teachers. He has ample first-hand experience about how identity can be debilitating both in the external world and the internal world. As he left those years and learned through experience how identity could also be healthy and powerful he began exploring it with others. What he discovered was that he was not alone and what you find in this resource is from years and years of practical experience involving a great many people from many different countries.

Ways to enjoy this reflection

On Your Own or In a Group

This material is designed to be done in a group, but there is much to benefit from doing it on your own as well.  The benefit to doing it as a group is that you hear real examples of how others interact with their identity and it will help trigger insights into yourself.  As you get to know each other better, the relationships formed in this group will also help you to internalize important identities that can benefit you. A great deal of identity comes to us through the voice of others in our lives and some people in this group will certainly become those voices for you. 

We recommend a skilled director if you are doing this as a group, but you can also self-facilitate. Consider someone who is older, who has had first-hand experience with identities that posed a challenge, and who has been able to work through those challenges to embrace who they are.

With a director (recommended)

You can opt to do this resource with a trained director both individually or as a group. We recommend the group option as it is a lot more enjoyable and gives you a broader experience of how identity plays out. Once in a group, you can always ask the director for an individual session to accommodate sensitive areas that you need specific help with.

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