The Connections Course


The connections course is not available to do on your own. Due to the sensitive nature of the material, it is only being offered as a facilitated course in a group setting.

The course is authored by Brene Brown and requires the additional purchase of her book “I Thought It Was Just Me.

You can request to do this course with a group of your own friends or colleagues, or you can join a group of others who want to take the course.

Typically the course runs for 12 consecutive weeks with 2 hours of meeting time per session and some independent homework. It can be adapted down to as few as 8 weeks if necessary (but not recommended). The ideal group size is eight to ten people.

The Best Experience Ever

"The connections course was a game-changer for me! I am consistently putting into practice things I learned through the course both internally and in my interactions with others. I did it 3 times, first as a participant and then 2 more times as a facilitator, and I learned new things and benefited in new ways each time. I 100% recommend this work to everyone and I'm quite certain that everyone who I did it with would say the same!"
Bryanna Jew
Community Builder, People Developer, Coach


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